About Us

The Evans family have been working in the Personal Protective Equipment industry collectively some 75 years starting with Thomas Kenneth Evans back in 1946 and I Keith Evans since 1980.

A Family History

Thomas Kenneth Evans started at 14 years of age with Mr. William Arthur Blyth (WA Blyth) now Bunzl, and as you can imagine seen vast changes/improvements in the safety industry over numerous decades, the biggest improvement being the health and safety at work act 1974.

Experience in the Safety Industry

I myself Keith Evans joined WA Blyth in 1980 at the age of 18 and worked there some 13 years, my main responsibility being in charge of the safety department which included all technical enquiries and procurement of 3.5 million, I decided to broaden my knowledge of Personal Protective Equipment by joining leading manufacturers with whom I specialized in most product generics

I joined Pulsafe in 1993 which was the largest eye, face, and industrial prescription Eyewear Company in the UK. Pulsafe a family run company was acquired in 1996 by Bacou- Dalloz which is now the Sperian group which also incorporated the brands, Bilsom hearing protection, Willson respiratory products and Miller fall arrest, I also worked for BM Polyco one of the top three glove companies in the UK.

With all the experience gained over many years we firmly believe that evans safety Can offer you the service and advice including the latest technologies in business to Business you need for the 21st Century

Commitment you won't find anywhere else

We recognize that dealing with an ever increasing workload relating to health & safety matters can be a daunting task. evans safety will provide a practical cost effective solution. A solution that can help put all your PPE and legislative duties into perspective – we are far more than merely a supplier of product we are a true service provider!

evans safety is dedicated in assisting you in your day to day activities in protecting your people. We are willing to help, and look forward to being of service to you as a valued customer, now and many years to come !

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